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Independent Non-Executive Chairman

51 Years | Male | Malaysian

Dato’ Zaidi Bin Mat Isa @ Hashim (“Dato’ Zaidi”), was appointed as the Chairman of KAG on 20 November 2017. Dato’ Zaidi obtained First Class (Honours) Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP).

Dato’ Zaidi experiences for both local and international market as the Executive Director in INIX Technologies and Director of NWP Holdings Berhad in property development and forest management with sawmills in the state of Sabah in East Malaysia and Laos in 2015 to 2017. In 2012, he was Senior VP for Corporate Planning and Strategy with London listed Radiant Growth Investment Ltd with business ventures in a USD200 million plantation development in Kampong Thom, Cambodia.

Dato’ Zaidi was leading MyPrima Group of Companies as CEO for 9 years since 2001. He was also the Director of Investment for the RM3.6 billion (GDV) Eco Marine Theme Park and Resort project in the state of Melaka. Earlier, he gained corporate exposure since 1995 as the Group Managing Director of Darul Aman Consolidated Bhd and its subsidiaries for 5 years.

Other than KAG, Dato' Zaidi also sits on the board of Smtrack Berhad as Executive Director.


Managing Director

45 Years | Male | Malaysian

Roy Ho Yew Kee (“Mr Roy”), was appointed as the Executive Director of KAG on 30 December 2011 and redesignated as Non-Independent Non-Executive Director on 23 May 2014. On 27 November 2015, he was redesignated as Executive Director and later redesignated as Managing Director on 14 August 2017. Mr Roy also is the Chairman of the Share Issuance Scheme Committee. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce from the Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Mr Roy brings over 20 years of financial service and restructuring experience both locally and abroad in various capacities. As Managing Director, he is responsible for strategic direction of the Group, and identifying opportunities for the Group’s various business units.

Other than KAG, Mr Roy also sits on the board of XOX Bhd, Cheetah Holdings Berhad and Komarkcorp Berhad as Executive Director.


Executive Director

46 Years | Male | Malaysian

Mr Ong Gim Hai (“Mr Ong”), was appointed as Independent Non-Executive Director of KAG on 10 August 2017 and redesignatd to Executive Director on 11 October 2019. He is also the member of the Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee. Mr Ong graduated with B.Eng. Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Sussex Brighton, UK. Mr Ong has 20 years experience in the IT and computer industry, helping multi-nationals to establish and to grow operations in ASEAN ranging from start-ups to established organisations. In January 2004, he joined Mercury Interactive Hewlett-Packard as pre-sales consultant and subsequently being promoted to sales manager in the year of 2006 to manage large enterprise account and develop new business within assigned accounts. Mr Ong then joined VMware Inc in the year of 2008 as enterprise account manager. In 2010, Mr Ong joined Palo Alto Networks as country manager, managing operations in Malaysia. In 2015 to 2016, Mr Ong represented Nutanix Malaysia and Brunei as managing director, managing sales operations in Malaysia and Brunei.

Mr Ong does not hold any directorships in other public company.


Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

43 Years | Male | Malaysian

YM Tengku Ezuan Ismara was appointed as Independent Non-Executive Director of KAG on 29 May 2020 and redesignated to Non-Independent Non-Executive Director on 6 August 2020. He is also a member of the Audit and Risk Management Committee, Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee. YM Tengku Ezuan Ismara is a member of the Royal Family and a long serving corporate citizen exposed to a multitude of industries, including Oil & Gas, Defence, Private Equity, Finance and ICT Consulting. He did his Degree in Accounting and Finance in University of East London, and completed his Masters in Law from International Islamic University, majoring in Banking and Anti Money Laundering. YM Tengku Ezuan Ismara brings invaluable experience and networks, from his past 13 years’ experience dealing with Petronas, HESS Petroleum and GL Noble Denton to our Board. YM Tengku Ezuan Ismara joins KAG in its exciting time of growth in IOT and Cloud Services, and as part of the team to explore the Group's approach into Digital Healthcare Services.

Other than KAG, YM Tengku Ezuan Ismara also sits on the board of Komarkcorp Berhad and Macpie Berhad as Independent Non-Executive Chairman.


Independent Non-Executive Director

54 Years | Male | Malaysian

Mr Lee Kien Fatt (“Mr Lee”), was appointed as Independent Non-Executive Director of KAG on 4 June 2018. He is also the Chairman of the Audit and Risk Management Committee, Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee. Mr Lee is a member of Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) and Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). Mr. Lee served as Finance Manager of Group Associated (C&L) Sdn Bhd from 1992 to 1994 and Ng Tiong Seng Corporation Berhad from 1995 to 1996. He served as Group Financial Controller of United Straits Amalgamated Berhad from 1997 to 1998. Mr Lee served as Consultant cum Executive Director of RNC Corporation Berhad from 1999 to 2003. Mr Lee then left to join as Consultant cum Non-Executive Director of LBI Capital Berhad from 2003 to 2005. He served as Non-Executive Director of Tenggara Oil Berhad from 2007 to 2008. Recently, Mr Lee is the Director of Fattco Holdings Sdn Bhd and as Partner of Searaven Ventures (M) PLT.

Other than KAG, Mr Lee also sits on the board of Niche Capital Emas Holdings Berhad and Macpie Berhad as Independent and Non-Executive Director.


Independent Non-Executive Director

53 Years | Male | Malaysian

Mr Yee Yit Yang (“Mr Yee”) was appointed as Independent Non-Executive Director of KAG on 5 November 2019 and he is a member of the Australian CPA and Malaysia Institute of Accountants. He is also a member of the Audit and Risk Management Committee, Nomination Committee, Remuneration Committee and Share Issuance Scheme Committee. Mr Yee graduated with Bachelor of Economics (Major: Accounting & Finance) from Latrobe University, Autralia. He began his career with Deloitte Tohmatsu, an international accounting firm upon his graduation in Australia in 1990. After spending approximately 3 years with them, he joined the corporate finance division of Affin Investment Bank in which he was involved in various assignments, such as IPO, regional mergers and acquisitions as well as fund raising for both listed and non listed companies. After approximately 7 years with Affin Investment Bank, he left to join a leading listed supermarket chain stores in Malaysia as Head of Corporate Planning. During his tenure with them, he was instrumental in raising the corporate profile by raising funds for the purpose of acquisition of related business. In 2008, he left the Group to join another listed company, which is principally involved in property investment and health care business as Head of Corporate Finance, During his stay with them, he had completed a fund raising exercise for the purpose of consolidation the property investment division as well as acquisition of a renowned healthcare company based in USA. Currently, he is involved in a private corporate consultancy business.

Other than KAG, Mr Yee also sits on the board of Vertice Berhad, AE Multi Holdings Berhad and Joe Holding Berhadas Independent and Non-Executive Director.