About Us

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Group recognises the importance of corporate social responsibility. The Group does not have a formal corporate responsibility program but is bonded together by a strong belief that its corporate philosophy is to be a caring company and has thus advocated dynamic and responsible corporate responsible initiatives and activities in the following areas:

KAG being the new signatory of the UN Global Compact initiative signifies the Group’s support for the Global Compact’s principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

KAG considers its people as the most valuable asset. A positive work environment is created where our employees can learn and grow. The Group actively pursues the development of a continuous learning and to become a knowledge-based organisation. The Group constantly provides opportunities for employees to enhance job knowledge and develop professional skills, by encouraging employees to undertake various types of training programs sponsored by the company. The Group believes employees well-equipped with confidence are motivated to carry out their duties and responsibilities, continuously contribute towards the growth and development of the organization in a fast changing world of how businesses are done.

We improve our working culture and encourage collaboration by organizing festival celebrations or social gathering to strengthen the team bonding among the employees.

KAG is committed to deliver the value in line with our customers’ expectation by conducting sales and technical training and on-going business review and providing after sales service.

KAG continue to enhance its shareholder value by engaging in ethical procurement procedures, enhancing good management practices, internal control systems, and transparency, emphasizing on corporate governance and corporate accountability. The Group always make sure that the stakeholders are kept informed from time to time on the Group’s development.

KAG actively encourage staff to practice environmentally friendly work habits. The Group promotes awareness in sustainable resource usage by encouraging employees to use recycle papers and being efficient use in the stationery. These approaches not only help in reducing company expenditure but also respond to environment concern with a paperless environment to reduce further carbon footprint.

The Group also encourage employees to instill a concept of every little thing counts when the employees understand the impact of turning off lights and air conditioners for rooms and areas which are not in use to aid in reducing the energy consumption.

The Group steps forward and serves the community in which it operates and strives to make positive contribution to the community particular in helping the underprivileged and the less fortunate. The Group also sponsored to non-profit community’s concert during the year.

The Group also participates in the initiatives taken by the Government to increase the employment of prospective new graduates by accepting trainees from local colleges and universities for industrial, subsequently considering them for permanent employment.