About Us

Corporate Profile

By growing as a company since its inception in 1997, Key Alliance Group Berhad, previously known as DVM Technology Berhad has undergone diversification from a purely IT company to a multi-sector group of companies with the same principles and values.

To reflect this diversification, the group changed its name and also its visual identity, assisting shareholders and investors to identify with the company’s culture change. The change in identity also exhibits the long-term goals of the group, which is to have a working relationship that is synergistic between all the companies in the group.

In the field of business, diversification allows the group to access more industries and fields. Hence, innovative and interesting products can be produced with more synergy and efficiency. The right fit for a great product might not be in its expected applications, in light of this, having access to more industries allows for one product to be tested by professionals across multiple fields and converge on the group level in utilisation and commercialisation.

This strategic move from its days as an IT solutions and services provider underlines the vision of the group as it harnesses its knowledge and expertise to support its valued customers in Malaysia and abroad to obtain that competitive advantage.